The Syrdian Empire

Royke tange watshi

                                        The Syurdian Em

The Syrdian Empire is a micronation. A micronation is: "An entity that resembles a nation or a state, but which for the most part exists only on paper, on the Internet, or in the mind of its creator." ( The Empire was established in July, 2009 by the current Emperor, Shin Yokuto. Our only territorial claim is the Emperor's house in southern Indiana, USA.
The Empire is a nation of peace and humanity. That being said we still have a defense force against hostile nations. We may be small and new, but we won't quit easily.
The official language of Syrdia is English. Although Nilzandar is also spoken from time to time. If you would like to learn this language please visit our official site at There you'll find great resources to begin learning the language.
This site houses many great resources. Some are in production while others are next in line to be published. You'll find our constitution, passport (novelty item only), the flag as a downloadable desktop, and the process to become a full fledged citizen of the Empire.
If you have any question or comments please email Emperor Yokuto at
Royke Tange Watshi
(Peace be with you)